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Grand Slam Winning

Slammed - Colleen Hoover

This book is a win-win text for me. I've read a little bit about the author who says that she wrote the novel in a month, then published it and got great reviews from the start. That sounds amazing! But I was carefull, maybe it was too good to be true?


How wrong was I !!!! When I've started to read the book I could put it down, I sinked into it, into the love strory with some bitterness and black pepper in it and into the characters. The book is definitely for a grop of young adult readers, I could sometimes feel that in the text and dialogues, that's why there are 4 stars (or maybe even 4,5).


But the general view was great. The book is surprising, funny and touching. A young girl loses one of her parent, she needs to take care of the family and her younger brother. Due to job catch they all move to another place. And there all 'magic' happens when she meets a man :)